It is Well with My Soul

This past spring, at a Teach for America event, the Alum leading our session handed me a single sheet of paper and I recognized it immediately.

In my TFA application essay, I wrote about my visit to a placement school in Charlotte.  Every question a student asked me was about college: Just how hard was it? Was it scary at first?  Did I miss home?  How did I decide my major? Did I get scholarships to help pay for it? And, of course, from the class clown: Are the parties as fun as in the movies?

The last sentences of my essay read something like this:  “I hope to be a mentor for the students who may not have anyone to ask questions about college to.  I hope to support them in high school and on to higher education to find their place in this world.”

As I read it that evening, I got goosebumps.  It seems that my next role as a College Counselor for low-income and minority students was the next stop on my path all along-even though it had taken me nearly two years to realize it.

As I transitioned to my new city and new role, I have been continually reminded of the fact that I am right where I should be.  I can’t wait to share the ups and downs of my new adventure and the stories of the inspiring young people I will work with.

 It is well with my soul.


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